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7 Ways to Wear Navy and Black Together

by Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell liveaboutdotcom

When elevating your wardrobe some questions may come up, like "is wearing navy and black together ok?". In fashion there are no hard and steady rules, but this topic seems to be one where people are most afraid to commit a fashion "don't". Most stylists agree that this color combination is a great choice. "Many people think that you can’t wear navy and black together, but that is a fashion myth", says NYC Personal Stylist, Cassandra Sethi, founder of Next Level Wardrobe. She goes on to say, "black and navy look stunning together—it is very sophisticated and flatters all body types. It is a great color combination throughout the year."

Convinced? If you want to try wearing black and navy blue clothing together below are some top tips from stylists along with a few great wardrobe pieces to get started.

Go Overseas and High End

Diane Roth, owner of L'Armoire and celebrity stylist, said: "Navy and black are staple colors in Europe and Asia. Most European tweeds and patterns have both incorporated in them. When you put the two together be careful that the navy is the black based dye and not a red base”. She states most American navy colors use a red base, so try purchasing from European designers or investing in high end tweeds and materials.

She adds to keep a color ratio in mind when wearing both navy and black. “Most combos work best when you have two thirds of one color and one third of the other. That way you don't look like you dressed in the dark. It has to look planned, not done in error.” So do a little math and plan ahead to keep yourself looking your best. Her best trick for this look? “ Have a scarf or shawl to tie the two colors together more.” Try out the looks here from L'Armoire, and Max Mara.

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